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  Horeb Support  

Support of HorebTP and other Horeb products and solutions will be found here. If you are looking for specific support that is not addressed her, or if the information here is does not fully meet your needs please contact us, and we will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible.

Technical Support  

This concerns the systems programmers and the engineers. The roles involve change control, upgrade, problem fix, program exits, special classes and macros, tuning up and so forth. Also includes integration and interfaces of applications and product features. A well detailed and useful support system for technical personnel is under development and coming soon

Product Support  

This concerns the Horeb upgrades and features. Concerns with the product fixes, configuration and customization are addressed here. Horeb customization involves fine tuning many parameters to meet the specific needs of a complex business firm. A well detailed and useful product support system is under development and coming soon.















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Horeb is an open transaction processor. It provides high throughput transaction processing as demanded by any corporate business firms, without any limit or restriction.


What is Horeb Transaction Processor? 
HorebTP is a open transaction processor which enables development and administration of applications on a open system.

White Paper
Find more details about us in this white paper.

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We are interested in hearing from you. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about Horeb and our products please contact us via email
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