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Horeb offers the most elite systems, solutions, and services in today's business, giving business's of all sizes the freedom to grow, and reach their highest.

Horeb provides the services as required for business data processing in addition to the following:

  • Retiring the outdated IBM mainframe by providing a solution facilitating the current technology through Horeb’s product HorebTP
  • Business processing using various distributed platforms at the user's request
  • Migrate old databases into various distributed database systems while being easily manageable
  • Administer data and process security through the most secure, unbreakable system HorebTP
  • Administer network architecture that is easily manageable and usable through HorebTP
  • Integrate and synchronize business applications for the most efficiency
  • Develop faster applications designed for easy intuitive use through HorebTP

Horeb has developed a system product HorebTP, which is an open transaction processor. This offers a total solution for the business processing by providing all of the required features. The following are some of the many functions offered by HorebTP.

  • Translates older applications(legacy code) into languages widely used today (C/C++, Java)
  • Provides throughput performance on many distributed platforms, which is currently possible only under IBM mainframes
  • Providing the most secure system guaranteeing an unbreakable business processing system
  • Providing a reliable database system for business processing that is easy to manage and maintain
  • Offers Life Cycle (Disaster Recovery) procedures assuring the most reliable system, handling all worst case situations
  • Provides monitoring, logging and accounting facilities at the transaction level for easy system management
  • Facilitate application administration and upgrade
  • An unfaltering tenacious business processing system where no transaction is lost nor unaccounted

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Horeb is an open transaction processor. It provides high throughput transaction processing as demanded by any corporate business firms, without any limit or restriction.

What is Horeb Transaction Processor? 
HorebTP is a open transaction processor which enables development and administration of applications on a open system.
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